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3 Step Process to Rapidly Grow Your Revenue…

By Michael Kittinger | Sales & Marketing

Jul 07

3 step process to rapidly grow revenue…

Step 1: Get more clients

Step 2: Get your clients to spend more money

Step 3: Get your clients to come back and buy more often

Any questions?

Now let’s dive into the details.

How to get more clients:

Provide value (lots and lots of it!), throw out hooks, make offers.

Once you find the value + hook + offer that’s the winning combination…

Leverage the hell out of it through paid ads and automation.

How to get your clients to spend more money:

2 easiest way to get your clients to spend more money…

– Increase your price- Use a sales funnel to make more offers/upsells

One of the biggest mistakes I see coaches making is that they 1) don’t charge high enough prices and 2) don’t offer any additional services or upsells.

If you provide a valuable service and you’re actually good at what you do, some percentage of your clients are going to want to keep buying from you so long as you have something to offer them.

If you don’t have anything else to offer, you’re leaving money on the table.

The 1 caveat to this is if you’re just starting out.

In that case, focus on 1 core offer and get REALLY GOOD at that.

How to get your clients to come back and buy more often:

Provide them incentives.

These can be price discounts or additional bonuses…

but only available for people who have bought from you before.

This builds trust and goodwill and you’re rewarding those who buy…

making them want to keep buying.

Let’s say you sell a $1,000 product/service and it costs you $250 to acquire a new customer.

Offer your prior buyers $100 off…

Or stack additional bonuses on top of the service.

They win and you win.

And that’s the more detailed explanation of how you rapidly grow revenue.

If you’d like to 1) get more clients, 2) get your clients to spend more money, or 3) get your clients coming back and buying more often… then schedule a call at:


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