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3 Ways Your Marketing Is Failing 😲

By Michael Kittinger | Sales & Marketing

Jul 16
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If you’re not generating clients, then your marketing is failing you.

Here’s 3 ways you’ve got your marketing all wrong:

1) Your target market doesn’t understand the benefit you bring.

Solution: Be very clear on what you do and the outcome your client can expect.

Example: I help clients lose 10 pounds in 30 days by creating an individualized diet and exercise plan.

2) Your messaging is all about you:

Solution: Hate to burst your bubble, but nobody cares about you. If you use “I” more than “You”, you’re doomed. Talk about the benefits to the client.

Example: Are you struggling to lose those last 10 pounds? Have you tried Adkins, SlimFast, Iron Tribe, CrossFit and nothing seemed to work? There is a solution, but it’s not one you’ll find in any big-name franchise.

3) You’re not being real and authentic:

Solution: People’s BS meters are at all time highs. The days of the “perfect” guru are over. People want a coach that they can relate to and is authentic and real.

Example: I struggled for years with my weight. At times, I didn’t even want to leave the house because I thought people were staring and laughing. I still struggle. I still want that midnight snack. That extra scoop of ice cream. That real Coke in the glass bottle.

Quick recap:

1) Be very clear on the benefit you provide and the outcome your client can expect.

2) Make your messaging about them – not about you.

3) Just be real. Don’t try and be someone or something you’re not.

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